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Tracer Tags Travel Tags

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Tracer Tags Value Pack

The Value pack was designed for those times when you need extra Tracer Tags protection for any of your belongings. The Value Pack is a perfect addition to any of the other Tracer tags products. Constructed of durable all weather self adhesive aluminum alloy 8 tags per pack.

Value Pack $24.95

Tracer Tags Key Tags

Key tags with our global 24/7 comprehensive lost and found service comes with free registration, lifetime warranty, and a insurance log to record all your valuables. Your insurance company will really like this feature! Attach a hook that is included to your key tag and use it on small rolling luggage, backpacks, or cases. Inexpensive lost and found protection for your largest possessions. 3 Key Tags & 3 hooks per package.

Key Tags $10.00

Tracer Tags Luggage Tags

Easily identify your luggage and stop identity theft with a Tracer Tags luggage tag. Never again broadcast your name and address for the world to see. For immediate 24/7 global loss protection register your proprietary tag number with your contact information at the Tracer Tags website or toll free telephone number. Registration is free and all tags have a lifetime warranty. Includes 3 luggage tags and loop straps per pack.

Luggage Tags $24.00

Tracer Tags Traveler Pro Tags

The Travelers Pro is the ultimate loss protection product! Never again risk identity theft or your personal security by marking your possessions with your name and address. For immediate 24/7 global loss protection simply activate your propriatary tag numbers at the Tracer Tags website or call us toll free in the U.S. and Canada. The Travelers Pro comes with 3 luggage tags with loop straps, 4 self adhesive aluminium alloy labels, and 3 multi-purpose key tags with hooks.

TravelPro Pack $39.00