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Loss Protection Tags With A Global 24/7 Lost & Found Recovery Service

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Tracer Tags Luggage Tags

Easily identify your luggage and stop identity theft with a Tracer Tags luggage tag. Never again broadcast your name and address for the world to see. For immediate 24/7 global loss protection register your proprietary tag number with your contact information at the Tracer Tags website or toll free telephone number. Registration is free and all tags have a lifetime warranty. Tracer Tags protection promotes personal security and the rapid return of your luggage in today’s uncertain world.

Includes 3 luggage tags and loop straps per pack.

Luggage Tags $24.00

Tracer Tags Portable Electronics Pack

Everybody has them, and hundreds of thousands are lost each year. Do you know who is talking on your lost Treo? Get the protection you need for all your portables now!

Includes 1-5/8" x 5/8" all weather UV coated polyester label 1 per pack.

Portable Electronic Pack $12.00

Tracer Tags Mobile Phones, Laptop & PDA Tags

Have you ever lost your laptop, or PDA with propriatary client files, or your personal files? Reduce the possibility of that happening with this Tracer Tags portable protection pack. You get the assortment and loss protection you need for your valuable, and irreplacable portable electronics.

Mobile Phone, Laptop & PDA Pack $22.00

Tracer Tags Sports Equipment Tags

Have you ever lost or misplaced your baseball bat, equipment bag, tennis racket or other equipment? Tracer Tags registered I.D. tags on your equipment could have prevented this by identifing and recovering your equipment and saved you hundreds of dollars in replacement costs. You get an assortment of tags to protect, and return all your equipment to you if it is ever lost, misplaced, or stolen.

Sports Equipment Pack $39.00