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Tracer Tags Sports Equipment Tags

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Bike & Helmet Tags

Comprehensive lost & found protection for bikes and helmets! Durable self adhesive all weather aluminum alloy tags that identify and assist finders, and law enforcement in the return of your bike or helmets. Cycle with confidence throughout the world knowing you have the best protection for your expensive gear. 4 tags per pack.

Bike & Helmet Tags $24.00

Tracer Tags Golf Tags

The only way you will lose your clubs will be to throw them in a lake! The Golf Pack comes with fifteen (15) all weather, UV protected self adhesive polyester labels for your clubs and one (1) bag tag and strap. Whether you´re playing your local fairways, or traveling to some exotic course, if you leave a club on a green or your entire bag at the nineteenth hole feel confident that your clubs have the best lost and found protection available.

Golf Pack $45.00

Sports Equipment Tags

Have you ever lost or misplaced your baseball bat, equipment bag, tennis racket or other equipment? Tracer Tags registered I.D. tags on your equipment could have prevented this by identifing and recovering your equipment and saved you hundreds of dollars in replacement costs. You get an assortment of tags to protect, and return all your equipment to you if it is ever lost, misplaced, or stolen.

Sports Equipment Pack $39.00

Large Sport Equipment Tag

The Sports Tag is BIG protection and designed to be seen, identify, and discourage a would be thief. This large tag was made especially for larger expensive gear like snowboards, scuba tanks, skateboards, water skis, tackle boxes and sailboards. This durable tag measures 2" x 4" 1 per package.

Large Sport Equipment Tag $10.00