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Tracer Tags Electronics Tags

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Tracer Tags Premier Portables Tag

Premium loss protection for all your portable electronic gear. This Portable Electronics tag is perfect for iPods, MP3 players, PDA´s, cell phones, memory sticks, and laptops. Our all weather electronics tags are manufactured from material that will last a lifetime on most electronics you use and carry daily or we will replace it for free, no questions asked! 1 Tag per package.

Premium Portable Electronics Tag $14.00

Tracer Tag Mobile Phones, Laptop & PDA Tags

Have you ever lost your laptop, or PDA with propriatary client files, or your personal files? Reduce the possibility of that happening with this Tracer Tags portable protection pack. You get the assortment and loss protection you need for your valuable, and irreplacable portable electronics.

Mobile Phone, Laptop & PDA Pack $22.00

Tracer Tags Camera & Portable Electronics Tags

Comprehensive lost and found protection for your cameras, cases, and portable electronic gear should they ever be lost or misplaced. This pack includes 4 self adhesive aluminum alloy labels and 3 multi-purpose key tags with hooks.

Camera & Portable Electronics Pack $22.00

Tracer Tags Portable Electronics Pack

Everybody has them, and hundreds of thousands are lost each year. Do you know who is talking on your lost Treo? Get the protection you need for all your portables now! 1 5/8" x 5/8" all weather UV coated polyester label 1 per pack.

Portable Electronic Pack $12.00

Tracer Tags Cell Phone & Pager Pack

400,000 cell phones will be left in taxi´s this year and only 5% will be returned. This comprehensive lost and found tag is the loss protection you need at a affordable price. Includes one all weather UV coated self adhesive polyester cell phone tag with a lifetime warranty! 1 5/8" x 5/8" 1 per pack.

Cell Phone & Pager Pack $12.00